Versailles тьерри бинисти thierry binisti 2008 2011 и журнал производства электромонтажных работ 2013

7 авг 2014 . Режиссер: Тьерри Бинисти / Thierry Binisti . и упадок Версаля (3 серия из 3) / Rise and Fall of Versailles Год выпуска: A Bottle in the Gaza Sea is a 2011 drama directed by Thierry Binisti. The film, an international co-production shot in French, Hebrew and Arabic, is based on the. Jan 3, 2013 Fueled by neither anger nor religious extremism — the director, Thierry Binisti, remains rigidly nonpartisan — “Bottle” is a gentle pairing.

A film by Thierry Binisti France, Israel / 2011 / Drama / in French, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles / 99 min. INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR THIERRY BINISTI He appeared in the 2008 documentary Slingshot Hip Hop, directed.

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