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IPhone vs Windows Mobile Since the appearance of the iPhone, there has been much debate about which one is actually better, the iPhone or Windows Mobile. Feb 23, 2010 By that reckoning, Windows Mobile sales only declined by 1.47 million units to around 15 million units year over year. By comparison, iPhone. Jun 15, 2007 However, a lot fewer of us are 0-in-love with the iPhone. If your clunky old Windows Mobile phone is just sitting around collecting iPhone.

Oct 13, 2008 Click to viewCall it what you will: immoral, unethical, unholy—it appears that a Norwegian developer by the name of Erik Kristiansen has. Sep 1, 2009 Microsoft announced Tuesday that hardware equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5, its latest smartphone platform to compete with Apple's iPhone. Jul 20, 2007 We've posted a tremendous amount of news on the iPhone even before it was released. Now that the excitement has mostly died down and the. Oct 26, 2016 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Yes. Safari Yes! But only on 64-bit devices with iOS 9. Apple decided that 32-bit architecture devices aren't fast.

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